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    MDNT45 Tops & T-shirts Cyberpunk hooded top
    Cyberpunk hooded top
    MDNT45 Hoodie Judo
    Hoodie Judo

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    Man's Hoodie — Feel the Freedom

    MDNT:45 is a website where you may purchase hoodies for men online. A hoodie is a man’s long belted blouse made of cotton knitted fabric or fleece with a hood. It must not be confused with a sports jacket. The latter has a fastener at the front and does not have a hood. The contemporary style of a mens hoodie that you can buy online on our website right now was first introduced in the middle of the 1930s. This type of clothing was designed for those who worked in frosty conditions in the north of New York state.

    Teenage fashion for hoodies appeared after a movie “Rocky” (1976) where a dress like that was worn by the main character performed by Sylvester Stallone. Hip Hop culture grew rapidly in New York within the era of the 1980s and was associated with mens urban hoodie. The designer of hoodies for men Norma Kamali was the first who decided to make them the key element of her men's collection of high fashion. In the 1980s hoodies became an attribute of American teenage dress the same as jeans. In the 1990s men’s hoodies acquired their brand name. Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren began to include this type of clothing into their collections. From the beginning of XXI century hoodies have become an integral part of roller skaters, skateboarders, bicycle riders, and representatives of subcultures all over the world.

    Distinctive Features of Hoodies

    The definition “Hoody” can be very versatile. The type of dress that matches such description can also be called a shirt, a blouse, a sweatshirt, or a jumper. There are even gothic hoodies for men. Yet still, there are main features for hoodies that differ them from the other types of clothing:

    • Easy to put on and take off. Possible availability of zip fasteners or their complete absence. It should be pointed that buttons are not used with hoodies for the whole length of fabric.

    • Relaxed fit. Such models do not stretch over the body.

    • The material of such a gothic hoodie for men is a piece of solid knitted fabric. It warms up, it is comfortable in use and simple in care.

    • The form of a collar is not narrow and high like sweaters have and it does not have a V-shape form.

    MDNT:45 —The New Brand

    MDNT:45 is a new star in mens fashion, it's a new name for the brand designed for the creation of hoodies for men. Our company was born for those who prefer to live full and charismatic life refusing restrictions and dull rules. Our clients have their own opinion about everything which does not always coincide with generally accepted points of view. Such people are always a step ahead of current progress and express future tendencies in everything including a style of their dress. Imagine a person dressed in mens designer gothic hoodie — stylish, enigmatic, smart, powerful, and sexy who looks like a futuristic tourist who came here just for fun from the future with the help of a time machine. MDNT:45 has managed to create urban hoodies for men that can express unconventionality and simultaneously this mens clothing is not fancy, edgy or provocative. The main styles are minimalism, deconstruction with cyberpunk, avant-garde, and dark fashion.

    Free your mind and you will be noticed wherever and whenever. Let your imagination and desires run riot and find what you’ve always been looking for here. Show your uniqueness. If you have your own ideas and offers about any new clothing to create make sure you apply to us and we will take into consideration all issues no matter how brave and extraordinary they can be. Shop luxury designer goods for extraordinary people online on and get top-quality handmade mens gothic hoodies the best of all times.